J&D Car Parts - About Us

About J&D Car Parts

J&D Car Parts is a Dutch company that specialises in selling car parts to both private and commercial customers. J&D Car Parts focusses mostly on Volvo and Saab. J&D Car Parts aims to supply a wide range of products at a competitive price, without losing sight of quality. Our goal is to make working on a car easy for the DIY-mechanic. From oil change to major service, serpentine or timing belt, we supply complete kits for any maintenance task you could imagine. Even seperate, often small, wear items can be found in our webshop. The parts we supply can be devided into four product groups:


Parts marked as original are parts that are used in the building of the cars, or parts that are supplied by Volvo AB or Orio AB in Sweden.


Original quality parts are parts that are similar in quality as original parts, but without carrying the accomanying pricetag. Products from Febi Bilstein, among others, fall in this category. For when you want to be able to enjoy your Volvo or Saab for as long as possible.


Aftermarket parts are cheaper alternatives to original or OE-quality parts. These parts are often of a lesser quality than parts of the afformentioned categories, but work great for maintaining your car on a budget. 


Performance parts are products that improve the performance of your car. Parts such as poly urethane (PU) bushings, shock absorbers and springs that improve the handling of your car, or inlet and exhaust parts and software that improve the power your engine produces. For supplying performance parts, J&D is dealer and/or importer of do88 Performance, BSR Tuning parts and supplies PU bushings and Bilstein shock absorbers. Using the name J&D Engineering, we also develop our own performance parts.

If you have any questions about our different lines of parts, you can always contact our customer service. We always invite you to contact us if you need any help finding a part, in order for us to be able to help you find the best solution.